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Wow... Seriously??? Someone rated 0 on all three tracks...

2017-08-02 17:37:47 by TheDubStepTronic

Someone thought it would be funny to vote 0 on all three tracks which I have uploaded yesterday. And left no reviews on why or anything??? Is the person fucking serious??? Like wow... Yeah I know they suck because they were rushed, but the motherfucker should of atleast explained why the three 0 rates...

Just look at this:

I know this is a very stupid post, but this is kind of ridiculous. Newgrounds needs to get their shit together and finally sort this type of trolling or whatever out. Please add an option to Review and then Rate on the Audio Portal.

EDIT 1: Whoever this person is, has done it to maybe all the audio on this page (OUTDATED THE AUDIO HE PUT ZERO ON IS NO LONGER ON THAT PAGE): @TomFulp I know you probably won't see this, but tagging you in it anyway. Will probably PM you about it.

I don't care about it that much, but come on!!!

Yay, the rest of my "terrible" tracks from my EP.

They are uploaded!

One is a remix from Star Wars, which probably won't be up long, sadly.


Will probably add the links below this post, I don't know.

Releasing an EP in 2 days...

2017-06-23 15:49:35 by TheDubStepTronic

Yup. It's called Necrotic Infestation EP.

Not much to post here, since my newgrounds account is pretty much dead.

You can listen to the preview here if you want, but I might upload it on NG: There is a few old tracks on there, they are not that good.



It's been a while.

2017-06-02 06:34:05 by TheDubStepTronic

Got nothing to upload yet, just wanted to make a random post so no one can click on that link for my old Preview which I have unpublished because somne stuff has changed in the track...


If anyone is actually reading this.

How's everybody?  xD

I have been working on a VIP from one of my latest tracks, First Blood, I liked how the old one sounded so I wanted to make a VIP which in my opinion sounds pretty good at the moment. But I am struggling making it becasue FL keeps crashing, probably need more memory for my pc that's why.

So here's a link below. I hope someone out there likes it.

First upload of this year! My first glitch hop attempt!

2017-02-03 19:09:23 by TheDubStepTronic

After probably 8 hours of work I have completed my very terrible, and first glitch hop track. I tried my best, so it does sound kinda bad. BUT!!! I got something better to replace it soon, and it is a VIP of one of my recent tracks ;)


Please actually leave a review once you rate my track, it is kinda annoying that no one gives me feedback.

This year marks my 2nd year back on Newgrounds. I hope you all enjoy 2017 because I won't....

My last audio submissions...

2016-12-21 16:10:03 by TheDubStepTronic

Just uploaded my terrible tracks that I have been working on for months. I suck at making melodys and intros, don't diss. I also attempted doing mixing and mastering, which might of ended bad. I tried. But I will improve next year or so, I promise.

Well anyway I hope someone likes my tracks, have a good chirstmas.


Still not scouted so I can't make listening to them easier. lel.

New Audio Submission!

2016-11-05 17:47:47 by TheDubStepTronic

I DID GET PERMISSION MONTHS AGO, and I think it's fine anyway since its a free to remix. 

I uploaded a 2nd remix for Shadow Warrior by D'Lion and in my opinon it sounds better that the old remix. I made a recent post for the upload to my youtube channel, but I removed the post and made this one instead. Oh and yes I am still here, but I am not uploading a lot, not making a lot of posts, not active a lot, and not uploading a lot of posts like I used to do years ago.

Yeah I know, I am still here and active, don't worry though. I am still making my track, and it is kind of nearly finished. As soon as that is done, I will mostly be having a break from this site and be coming back on christmas or new years eve... Probably people won't read this, yep. 

My Track Progress & Some Information -


Information =

Genre - Dubstep

Name - Pretty Lame (Since I suck at making music, I named it that)

BPM - 140 (Turns a bit higher because of my better than first second drop)


Progress - 85 to 90% Complete.


I need to add some more stuff into my track, and move some stuff as well. 

I will be adding sound effects/samples, and maybe some other stuff. I will be making a V.I.P Version in the future for when I get better at making music, or for when I am up to it.

If people encourage me and probably support me. I will post a preview if any of you guys want a listen.

If you survived reading this boring and shitty post. Comment something.


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